This article helps in understanding the term MongoDB, Need for it and some use cases of how the industry is using MongoDB

MongoDB is a NoSQL, Document-based model, and Schemaless Database. It is one of the most widely used database models. It is flexible, scalable, easy to maintain, and manage.

In this article, I will discuss what is Jenkins, What does Jenkins provide, How are the competitors, what does Jenkins brings to the table, How companies are using Jenkins? Let’s dive into the topics.

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is a self-contained, open-source automation server that can be used to automate all sorts of…

In this article, I discuss what is Ansible, How it is helping companies in their work. Let's start with What exactly is Ansible?

What is Ansible?

Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tool enabling infrastructure as code. …

Discusses points on What is Kubernetes, What is the need for Kubernetes, How the industry is using Kubernetes in its environment?

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation. It has a large, rapidly growing ecosystem. …

This article discusses how the industry is using OpenShift in its production. It sheds light on OpenShift, why it is important, how using OpenShift Amadeus got benefited.

About Amadeus

Amadeus is a leading provider of technology products and solutions that keep the travel sector moving. Amadeus technology solutions help customers…

This article helps in how to configure the “proxy” server, update its conf file dynamically when a new “Apache” webserver is added into inventory.

Task Description:

🚧 Use Ansible playbook to Configure Reverse Proxy i.e. …

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to discuss how can we set up a WordPress application in an EC2 instance and using the RDS for storing the data.

Task details:

🔅 Create an AWS EC2 instance
🔅 Configure the instance with Apache Webserver.
🔅 Download PHP application name “WordPress”.
🔅 WordPress stores…

An Ansible playbook that helps in the configuration of docker container

Hello, everyone !!!

Today I am going to discuss the use case of Ansible to perform the following tasks:

🔰Write an Ansible PlayBook that does the following operations in the managed nodes:
🔹 Configure Docker
🔹 Start and enable Docker services

SQS — MQ Service in AWS case study:

Messaging is used to communicate between two applications, it can be an order processing application, Inventory application, Database application, Front end application. Messaging is also used in Modern techniques of Microservices.

Generally messaging is done through some products like IBM MQ, Apache MQ, Active MQ, Rabbit MQ (open source).

We have two types of communications.

1: Synchronous communication which is basically application to application through APIs.

2: Asynchronous / Event-based which is an application to queue to application.

Synchronous communication between…

Hello everyone,

This article is about the session I had yesterday (28/12/2020). It is about the real use cases of Ansible Tower with demo.

Our speakers,

  1. Mr.Sreejith Anujan — The principle instructor at Red Hat
  • Primarily responsible for empowering Red Hat customers with tailor-made enablement services.
  • Also heading the designing…


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